PQJ2023 開催挨拶 井上鐘哲 PQJ2023 Opening Remark by Kaneaki Inoue

Welcome to PQJ, everyone. I’m Kaneaki Inoue, an internal medicine doctor and the PQJ secretary-general.
Today we welcome a hundred twenty five teams from twelve countries in the world, the PQJ record. I congratulate you on coming to PQJ.

Now, we live in a disaster time.
COVID-19 has claimed more than 6 million people’s lives.
War in Ukraine has caused more than 14,000 deaths.
The recent Syria and Turkey Earthquake has caused more than 50,000 deaths.
We are medical professionals and students. We value lives.

In this disaster time, how can we save people’s lives?
The answer is an international collaboration.
The international collaboration realized a novel COVID-19 vaccine and its quick distribution to the world has saved billions of lives.
The international teams of medical professionals has been saving people in Ukraine, Syria and Turkey.

What is the most important ability in the international medical collaboration?
Many doctors agree that it’s the deep understanding of medicine based on physiology in addition to English ability.
PQJ is the best place to learn both of them. It is also the great place to exercise international communication skills.
I am sure that the great deal of knowledge you earn in PQJ will defnitely help you when you become a medical professional and save patients.

Now, let’s go for the top of the world. Enjoy PQJ!
Thank you very much.

PQJ Secretary-general Kaneaki Inoue