Overseas Exchange Center

Overseas Exchange Center (OVEX) aims development of global human resources. It forwards international exchange of medical staffs, such as overseas training and accepting foreign medical staffs and researchers. Also, OVEX responds the needs from foreign visitors to support comfortable and meaningful stay.


We support international healthcare workers and students who are staying in Kyushu University Hospital for training and research. We also support foreign medical staff/researchers to TEMDEC overseas workshops.

 ・We accept foreign medical visitorosps for training
  in Kyushu University Hospital
 ・Invitation to overseas events



We also support our hospital staff to receive overseas training. We provide support to our hospital staff who wishes to visit overseas training facilities.

 ・Overseas training
 ・Visiting overseas facilities


Education/ Training

We provide support to our hospital staff for them to gain a good international education in order for our hospital to have an international environment. We also aim for the development of our international human resources.

 ・English conversation class
 ・International medical seminars