Advanced Medical Development Center


Acting Center Chief,
Shunji Takahashi, MD, PhD
Center Chief, Takeshi Sano,

The Cancer Institute Hospital is equipped with the most advanced treatments for the fight against cancer. Surgery, which has been the main specialty in our history, is undoubtedly a powerful intervention. However, surgery is by no means the only treatment option we rely on. We can improve our chances of winning the battle against cancer if we skillfully use novel chemotherapeutic and immunotherapy agents in conjunction with radiation therapies.

At the Cancer Institute Hospital, the “Clinical Research and Development Center” has carried out many clinical trials to ensure that patients can access newly developed agents under their national health coverage. Furthermore, we have established the “Advanced Medical Development Center”, which specializes in the early stages of drug development to promote early phase clinical trials, including offering drugs under pre-clinical development to patients with national health coverage, thus providing patients with cutting-edge cancer care.

Center Chief, Takeshi Sano