Japanese Association of Medical Communication

日 本 語

About medical communication

Communication between health-care professionals is especially important because medical communication provides the basis for communicating health-care issues between health-care professionals, their patients, and general citizens. The research areas for health-care communications are listed below.

o Media -based medical communication

Distribution and dissemination of medical information knowledge to health-care professionals

  1. ・Academic societies and conferences
  2. ・Instruction for authors in medical journals
  3. ・Prevention of research misconduct
  4. ・Clinical trial registration and individual case data repository
  5. ・Clinical practice guidelines
  6. ・Medical writing
  7. ・Medical illustration
  8. ・Communications to change medical staff’s medical behavior

o Interpersonal medical communication

Communication of interpersonal education and training among health-care professionals

  1. ・Communication between members of medical research and educational institutions, hospitals, and clinics
  2. ・Multidisciplinary collaboration in health care
  3. ・Medical education and training
  4. ・Coaching
  5. ・Mentoring


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