The mission of this forum is to realize “A world of possibilities” for all. 

It enhances the knowledge and skills for empowerment, produces evidences, and delivers all over the world, with clients, residents, practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers, etc. It expands network using self, peer, community empowerment, to make a better world. 


(1) Empowerment Lab: dream workshop for implementation in society

(2) Empowerment Professional: learning course for empowerment

(3) Empowerment Café: mutual communication session

(4) Empowerment WEB: interactive WEB for empowerment

(5) Empowerment Forum: basement of empowerment activities

Cover Field

(1) Topic: Diversity (multi-culture, immigrant, disabilities), Family, Community 

(2) Function: Practice, Education, Policy, Research, Information, Network, AI

(3) Lifespan: Child, Adolescent, Adult, Elderly, Intergeneration

(4) Country: Japan, China, Mongolia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Angola, Algeria, Uganda, EU, US


(1) Meister Course 

(2) Professional Course 

(3) Supporter Course


(1) Basic Empowerment

(2) Applied Empowerment

(3) Practice and Empowerment 

(4) Education and Empowerment 

(5) Management and Empowerment

(6) Facilitate and Empowerment

(7) Advocate and Empowerment

(8) Research/Innovation and Empowerment, etc.

Expected outcomes

(1) Education of Empowerment Human Resource

(2) Enhance to Empowerment Innovation

(3) Exchange basements of Empowerment

(4) Distribution of Authentic Empowerment Information

(5) Promotion of Empowerment Research


(1) Empowerment Lab of Tsukuba University

(2) Evidence-based Childcare, Empowerment Skills for Childcare Professionals Society

(3) International Conference of Systems and Empowerment Sciences for Lifespan Development