Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery Vol.51, No.2

The Six Cases of Redo Cardiac Surgery via Partial Lower Hemi-sternotomy
Bon Inoue* Masanori Katoh* Yuika Kameda*
Masaaki Toyama**

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, SUBARU Health Insurance Ota Memorial Hospital*, Ota, Japan, and Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Kameda Medical Center**, Kamogawa, Japan)

In poststernotomy redo cardiac surgery, injury to cardiac structures during sternal division can lead to untoward results in the operation. These days, Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS) such as the right anterolateral thoracotomy approach is becoming popular. By using MICS technique in redo cardiac surgery, it may be possible to reduce the risk of injury to the vital structures because of avoiding full sternotomy with the reduction of the dissection area. Six redo cardiac surgery cases in which innominate vein or bypass graft was in close contact with the sternum were is considered difficult to perform via the right thoracotomy approach. We report the cases in which operations were safely conducted through the lower hemi-sternotomy.


Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 51 : 100-104 (2022)

Keywords:redo cardiac surgery ; Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS) ; partial lower hemi-sternotomy

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