Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery Vol50,No.4

Effective Management with IMPELLA CP●R and Hypothermia Therapy for a Case of Severe Ischemic Coronary Disease after Cardiopulmonary Arrest
Atsunobu Oryoji* Takanori Kono* Kazuyoshi Takagi*
Kosuke Saku* Satoshi Kikusaki* Yasuyuki Zaima*
Takahiro Shojima* Tohru Takaseya* Koichi Arinaga*
Eiki Tayama*

(Department of Surgery, Kurume University School of Medicine*, Kurume, Japan)

A 67-year-old man was admitted to our hospital following cardiopulmonary arrest(CPA)during work. After resuscitation, coronary angiography revealed left main coronary artery stenosis and three-vessel disease. We considered that coronary artery revascularization was required, but the neurological prognosis was unknown. Thus, an IMPELLA CP●R device was inserted and systemic management, including hypothermic therapy, was initiated. Circulatory conditions were stable during hypothermia therapy. Rewarming was initiated 24h later, and we confirmed no abnormal neurological findings. Emergency off-pump coronary artery bypass was then performed. During the procedure, hemodynamic status was maintained using the IMPELLA CP●R device. After surgery, the patient was discharged without neurological complications. We report the management of a patient with severe three-vessel disease after resuscitation for CPA using an IMPELLA CP●R device and hypothermic therapy.


Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 50:256-260(2021)

Keywords:IMPELLA;cardiopulmonary arrest severe ischemic coronary disease;OPCAB;hypothermia therapy

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