Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery Vol48,No2

The Effectiveness of Off-the-Job Training Using a Newly Developed Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting Model
Kohei Abe* Yong-Kwang Park** Kunihiko Yoshino*
Hiromi Yanagisawa*

(Cardiovascular Center, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery, St.Luke’s International Hospital*, Tokyo, Japan, and Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Fukushima Medical University**, Fukushima, Japan)

Background:Endoscopic vessel harvesting(EVH)is one of the less-invasive graft harvesting techniques for CABG. On the other hand, it needs certain amount of a learning curve to acquire sufficient technique. Inappropriate manipulation will cause damage of the vein, decrease the patency and affect the patient’s long-term survival. Off-the-job training has the potential to shorten the length of the learning curve. In this study we evaluated the effectiveness of a newly developed saphenous vein harvesting model provided by EBM corporation. Purpose:To evaluate the effectiveness of concentrated training with the EVH simulator. Objective and Methods:One novice trainee doctor was recruited for this study. After 20 procedures using the simulator training clinical device, EVH was performed under supervision. This procedure was compared with the last case before the training in terms of setup for the EVH, visualization by endoscope, dissection, division of branches, duration of the procedure, and number required for repair. Results:The duration required to train with the simulator showed a stable average of 10 cases. All the elements in terms of EVH procedure were improved after the simulator training. Discussion:It is important to prepare an appropriate simulator, trainer, and clear purpose for effective training. It was beneficial to enhance the clinical level with the concentrated simulator training. Conclusions:The newly developed EVH model is an effective simulator before performing the initial clinical case.

Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 48:103-106(2019)

Keywords:simulator;training;learning curve;endoscopic vein harvesting

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