A Successful Case of Ascending Aorta-Abdominal Aorta Bypass in a Patient with Atypical Coarctation

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital, Kumamoto, Japan and Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Kumamoto University Hospital*, Kumamoto, Japan)

Mutsuo Tanaka* Toitsu Hirayama Hiroaki Yusa
Ichiro Ideta Hideyuki Uesugi Yasuhiro Shimokawa
Hiroyasu Misumi
A 69-year-old woman was admitted with severe hypertension and intermittent claudication. The results of further examination, showed that the hypertension and intermittent claudication were due to stenosis of the descending aorta and we diagnosed atypical aortic coarctation. We performed median sternotomy and ventrotomy with side-to-end anastomosis a woven Dacron graft and the ascending aorta. The graft was passed through the lesser omentum, and mesocolon and to abdominal aorta. The postoperative state was stable, and the hypertension and intermittent claudication were remarkably ameliorated. Many cases of extra-anatomical bypass were reported, and the ascending aorta-abdominal aorta bypass was useful method and, very successful with no complications in this case.
@Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 36: 132-136 (2007)