A Successful Case of Mitral Valve Repair after Percutaneous Transluminal Carotid Angioplasty with Stenting

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Shimotsuga General Hospital, Tochigi, Japan)

Mitsuru Nakaya Hiroyuki Watanabe Masao Hirano
Hirohumi Nishida
A 75-year-old man with severe mitral valve regurgitation and 80% stenosis of the right internal carotid artery was referred to us for surgical treatment. He had a history of ipsilateral cerebral artery thrombosis 28months previously. Although preoperative percutaneous transluminal carotid angioplasty with stenting (PTCAS) was performed, 60% stenosis of the artery still remained. He underwent mitral valve repair 2months after PTCAS due to cardiac symptom progression. Intraaortic balloon pumping was used to maintain higher pressure during the extracorporeal circulation of the heart surgery. He recovered uneventfully and without any cerebral complications.
@Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 32F102 -104 (2003)