This page is owned by Takanori Nakane, MD, PhD, and provides information on computational structural biology and chemistry. I am a specially appointed associate professor (non-PI) at PDBj and Laboratory of Protein Crystallography, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University.

I am a big supporter of Open Access, Open Data, Open Science and Open Source Software.

I undertake review requests from journals on the condition that (1) the paper becomes open-access, (2) the raw data mentioned in the paper are deposited to a public databank and (3) the source codes of the programs developed in the paper are available under an FOSS license. I decline invitations to conferences and academic meetings that involve physical traveling except for very rare occasions. However, I may give talks in online or hybrid seminars provided that the recording is made public after the event.

To contact me, please write to TnaKAnE dot protein atmark osaka hypen u dot ac dot jp (all in lower case letters).

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