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To prevent the collective occurrence of the Novel Coronavirus, it is important to evade the following so-called "Three Cs".
  1. Closed space with poor ventilation
  2. Crowded place with a large number of people
  3. Close-contact setting with conversation or utterance in the vicinity

With respect to the first: "Closed space with poor ventilation", we have prepared a tool "Ventilation simulator" that allows simplified estimation of the performance of the ventilation inside a room.

Occupational health professionals (occupational physicians, occupational nurses, technical specialists, etc.), safety/health supervisors responsible for safety and health in business establishment, persons in charge of human affairs/general affairs, as well as others concerned are expected to use this simulator to estimate the performance of the ventilation of rooms inside the business establishment, and on the basis of simulation results, to conduct necessary improvements, so as to eliminate the "closed space with poor ventilation".

Ventilation simulator

Entry of various inputs such as the number of persons in the room, its size, status of activities inside the room, and ventilation conditions allows the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the room to be predicted, on the basis of which performance of ventilation can be estimated. This simulator can be applied to a variety of indoor rooms under different conditions, such as office rooms, conference rooms, meeting spaces and houses.

Now, let us use the simulator.

How to use this simulator

Classification for the adequacy of ventilation and countermeasures

Results of simulation obtained by using the ventilation simulator are given in the table below. Thus, you are requested to carry out the recommended countermeasures as per the result.

Points to be noted in using this simulator

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