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Information for Presenters

Information for Chairs / 座長へのご案内

  • Chairs are required to arrive at the meeting room at least 15 minutes before the session starts. Please be seated in the “Next-Chair” seat.
  • Asia Pacific Region Symposium/Symposium/Lecture/シンポジウム:
    Secretariat will give you each session's time sheet at the Registration Desk.

Information for Speakers /演者へのご案内

・PC Center / PC受付:
[Day 1]Oct. 15 (Wed.)8:50 ~ 17:30
[Day 2]Oct. 16 (Thur.)8:30 ~ 17:30
[Day 3]Oct. 17 (Fri.)8:30 ~ 17:30
[Day 4]Oct. 18 (Sat.)8:30 ~ 15:30
・Presentation Data / 発表データ:

Speakers are required to stop by the PC Center to upload your presentation data at least 30 minutes before your session starts. If your presentation is scheduled early in the morning, speakers are kindly requested to visit the PC Center on the previous day. Please bring your presentation data on a USB memory stick or CD-R with you. If you have any audio or videos in your presentation data, please inform the operators. Please make sure to bring your laptop and peripheral equipment if you are going to use a Macintosh.
(ご発表セッションの開始30分前には、PC受付へお立ち寄りください。ご発表予定時間が早朝の場合は、前日にお越しください。発表データは、USBメモリスティックもしくはCD-Rにてご持参ください。動画や音声をご使用になる場合は、必ずオペレーターへお知らせください。Macintoshにてご発表予定の方は、電源アダプターや周辺 機器(変換コネクタ等)を必ずご持参ください。)

Poster Session / ポスターセッション

・Request to Speakers / 演者へのお願い

Poster displays should be mounted and removed during the designated time. Presenters are required to stand in front of your poster board during Poster Session. Please note that remaining posters will be discarded by Secretariat after the each “Take Down” time.

・Posting Schedule / スケジュール
  Set Up Presentation Take Down
[Day 2]Oct. 16 (Thur.) 8:30 ~ 12:40 13:10 ~ 14:00 14:30 ~ 17:00
[Day 3]Oct. 17 (Fri.) 8:30 ~ 12:40 13:10 ~ 14:00 14:30 ~ 17:00
[Day 4]Oct. 18 (Sat.) 8:30 ~ 12:40 13:10 ~ 14:00 14:30 ~ 17:00

Disclosure of COI

WPASEPH2014 requires all presenters (oral, poster) to disclose COI related to their topics.
Please list any financial relations with commercial interests and to place a slide in your presentation data. If there is nothing to disclose, presenters are also required to place a slide or a poster to demonstrate nothing to disclose.

Examples of ISP2014 COI Disclosure Slides

Ethical Provision

Please make sure to insert a sentence (or a slide) to show that the presented researches or any contents presented in your slides have been approved by the ethics committee of your institution. Researches without an ethics committee approval can be presented, on the assumption that the authors confirm that the information contained is ethically appropriate.

If the researches should be considered ethically questionable, the organizer has the right to cancel the acceptance of the questioned paper to be presented at the congress.

The organizer considers that the above conditions are confirmed and accepted by the authors at the time of presentation.

Instructions for poster presentation

  • Your poster should be at the size of height 180cm and width 120cm in order to allow some space for the abstract title and other details at the top as shown in the layout.
    Please prepare a material which indicates your abstract title, affiliations and names of contributors.
  • Number plates will be prepared by Secretariat.
  • Pins will be prepared on-site to paste the posters; hence, please refrain from using sticky tapes.

Call for Papers

Please make on-line registration first and obtain a Registration ID to submit an abstract.

As for designated speakers, the Organizing Secretariat will send detailed information on how to submit the abstract individually, so there is no need to submit any information here.

Abstract Submission Period

January 20 (Mon.) - May 30 (Fri.), 2014

July 25 (Fri.), 2014 Thank you for your submission!

Submission Guidelines

  • The abstract body should be less than 250 words and should not include any tables or graphics. (minimum 150 words)
  • The abstract must be submitted on-line.
  • Only English documents will be accepted.
  • Please submit your abstract by uploading a Microsoft Word document.
  • You can only present for either an Oral Session or a Poster Session.
  • Please let the organizing committee decide whether to accept your paper and the stlye of your presentation in case of its acceptance.


  • Oral presentation (15 min oral presentations which include question/answer time)
  • Poster presentation
  • The result Notification of your Abstract will be sent on July 1.

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  • Paper Submission

    Abstract Submission has CLOSED.
    Thank you for your submission!

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