Welcome Message

Welcome Message

We have the great pleasure to invite you at the next WPA Section on Epidemiology and Public Health Meeting, which will be held in Nara (Japan) from the 16 (Thurs.) to the 18 (Sat.) October, 2014. A regional day dedicated to Pacific Asian epidemiology and public health interventions will be held on the 15 of October at the same place.

This meeting will mainly focus on “What psychiatric epidemiology and public health could bring to the knowledge of trauma and post trauma mental health disorders for relieving those affected of the suffering and preventing their further mental health disorders.” Experts from all around the world will expose their findings in the diverse contexts such as natural disasters (earthquakes and tsunami), refugees' mental health, and nuclear threats and their mental health consequences in short and long terms, with a specific session on children's and adolescents’ risks and outcomes.

In addition, free sessions will allow scientists to present their works in the field of psychiatric epidemiology and public health through oral presentations and posters.

We hope that a large public will attend this meeting from psychiatric as well as public health fields: there is “no health without mental health” and we are especially welcoming young researchers to join.

President of the WPA Section on
Epidemiology and Public Health

Viviane Kovess Masfety

President of the
Organizing Committee

Tadashi Takeshima