how to make LED angel eyes page1. 

Angel eyes is a name of headlight feature like BMW 5 Series, which is a pair of circular-shape light rings.
I have now succeeded in making perfect angel eyes on celica in the point of brightness, color, and lighting pattern.
This page shows how I made angel eyes, but the procedure is very time-consuming, needs patience, and some experiences. If you have any questions about details, visit my website ( and post it in forum.
Please not e-mail me directly. Thank you.

BMW used a round glass rod, but we couldn't make it. So I decided to use a clear acrlyic rod.
I used on with the 5mm diameter.

First step is to bend the rod into the round shape to fit into our car.

Heat it until be soften. Be careful not to make a fire on it.

I found the aluminum bottle which has the same diameter as the projector light lens.
After heating, you could bend it into the round shape by hands.
Dont forget to wear the gloves.

Cut the rod by sanding machine.

To refract the light and make the light ring, scratch (half-cut in other words) behind the ring.

Don't do it at one time. Check the light effect, and repeat the procedures.
I made a test machine to examine how it will light up.

Now, many bright LEDs are available.

But the white is the only one legal color.

Blue is cool.

Red is the brightest.

And many colors (including multi-colors blinking) are possible.

From the back side, you can see the scratches directly, but ..

From the front side, scratch will make a clear straight liken because of the lens effect.

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