lambo doors installation guide

Vertical door conversion kit for 2000 celica from were installed by DIY.

The kit includes a pair of hinges, a pair of shock absorbers, and wiring extensions (not necessary) and installation guide.

To gain access to stock hinges, you must remove the front bumper (including lip spoiler in my case), and side skirts.

Remove the head light housing, and front fender.
Now you can see the stock hinges.

Remove the stock door stopper.

Close and lock the door and tape it in position with multiple layers of tape securely.

Remove the stock hinges using 12mm wrench.

Cut the rubber boot around the wirings. (not necessary)

Remove this metal tab.

Cut and role the inner fender.

Pics of rolled fender.

Pre-fit the new hinges.

During lifting door up, install the shock absorber.

Insert the metal clip into the bottom of the shock.

Adjust the height of the door by adjusting the screw shown in pic.

Gradually tighten up all the bolts.

Adjust the door to the appropriate position by tapping the hinge by hummer.

Bolts are welded.

And fixed by cement.

I used welding machine, and cement for fixation of bolts. (These steps are not necessary.)

Certify the door wont hit anything.

Repeat the same procedure in the other side.

Reinstall the fenders, side skirts, head lights, and bumper.

All the procedures took me 6-7 hrs. I appreciate the kind help from