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msearch (ver.1.46) usage

sample mean
AAA Search pages with the keyword AAA.
AAA BBB Search pages with both of the keywords AAA and BBB.
-AAA Search pages without the keyword AAA.
(AAA BBB) Search pages with at least one of the keywords AAA and BBB.You could add any keywords, but not nest in it.
t:AAA Search pages with the keyword AAA in their titles.
u:AAA Search pages that involve the keyword AAA in their URL strings.
(1) Please separate keywords by a SPACE character.
(2) Uppercase and lowercase are treated the same.
(3) You can combine all kinds of search methods.
(4) To search for a word beginning with minus character, put the word in quotes as "-1", or it will be interpreted as a NOT search. but in the (OR search), "" are not needed.
(5) Search for (^o^) or (c), simply use these query words.

msearch is a full-text search engine which is easy to install and runs fast developed by Katsushi Matsuda.
You can download from msearch homepage (Japanese Only).

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