JMLA HP (Japanese)


Activities and Projects

The Association engages in non-profit activities for the following purposes:
   (1) To enhance health, health care and welfare.
   (2) To promote social education.
   (3) To develop information society.
   (4) To collaborate with, advise and support related organizations.

The Association also engages in the following project work:
   (1) Promoting research and development for health sciences libraries.
   (2) Issuing an official journal and other publications.
   (3) Conducting public relations work via its website.
   (4) Obtaining, providing and sharing information on health sciences
         libraries and their collections.
   (5) Educating and certifying information professionals for health sciences
   (6) Providing exchange, cooperation and collaboration services with related
         international and domestic organizations.
   (7) Engaging in other related projects.