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The University of Tokyo International Program for Human Integrative Science and Education of Mind (iPHISEM)

What is iPHISEM

Program for Human Integrative Science and Education of Mind (PHISEM) is a University-wide Educational Program in The University of Tokyo supported by UTokyo Institute for Diversity & Adaptation of Human Mind (UTIDAHM). UTIDAHM was established in 2015 to promote interdisciplinary collaboration studies for human brain and mind and consists of seven faculties: the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Law and Politics, the Graduate School of Science, and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. PHISEM also provides interdisciplinary education programs for the undergraduate and graduate students from 2016. As academic members in UTIDAHM and PHISEM have already provided international internship programs in the scheme of their faculties, we start to provide an international program for promoting undergraduate and graduate students in universities abroad to learn interdisciplinary approach for understanding human brain and mind.

iPHISEM Members

Course Details

The participating student belongs to the laboratory in which the iPHISEM member accepted his/her program for around one to three months. He/she can participate in general research activities by receiving a supervision in the laboratory as well as lectures, exercises, and practices of PHISEM.


Applicable period: 1/May/2021 ~ 31/Mar/2022
During the period, the student can choose around one to three months.
A program covers widely from general research activities in the lab to the participation of PHISEM program. Before applying to iPHISEM, each applicant sets his/her individual program for staying in Japan and discusses with iPHISEM member(s).
After the iPHISEM member(s) accept the applicant’s program, the applicant will submit the application to iPHISEM office.



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