Prize for the best papers published
in The Japanese Journal of Pharmacology

In 1995, The Japanese Pharmacological Society established The JJP Prize, annual awards that are given in recognition of the best articles published in The Japanese Journal of Pharmacology of the preceding year of the award. This prize was introduced to encourage more researchers to contribute to our Journal and pharmacological sciences.

A prize of \50,000 is given for each winning article.

For the year 2003, the following two articles were selected among articles published in the year 2002 issues by the Selection Committee for the Awards of the Society:

Novel Mutations in C-terminal Channel Region of the Ryanodine Receptor in Malignant Hyperthermia Patients

Hideto Oyamada*, Keiko Oguchi*, Naoto Saitoh*, Toshiko Yamazawa, Kenzo Hirose, Yoko Kawana, Kazunao Wakatsuki, Katsuji Oguchi, Megumi Tagami, Kazuo Hanaoka, Makoto Endo and Masamitsu Iino

Jpn J Pharmacol 88, 159 - 166 (2002)

*The first three authors equally contributed to this work.

Contractile Responses and Myosin Phosphorylation in Reconstituted Fibers of Smooth Muscle Cells From the Rat Cerebral Artery

Kazuhiko Oishi, Yoshitaka Takatoh, Jianjun Bao and Masaatsu K. Uchida

Jpn J Pharmacol 90, 36 - 50 (2002)

Under the new journal title “Journal of Pharmacological Sciences”, we will continue to award this prize under the name of “The JPS Prize”. The articles to be published in the 2003 issues of this Journal will all be eligible to be considered for The JPS Prize 2004. Contributors are continuously encouraged to submit manuscripts to the Journal of Pharmacological Sciences.

Keitaro Hashimoto
The Japanese Pharmacological Society

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