Learning Art and Medicine in Japan

About me

17/Nov/1994: Born in Nagano
2015: Entered Nagasaki University, Medical Faculty
Aug/2016: Begin to Paint
2020: Graduated the University
get MD
went to Nagasaki Graduated school as MD-scientist, study about Immuno-Oncology

"Why do I paint?"

 After entering the college, I thought I wanted to do something that can only be done while I was a student.
 As I had liked to draw since I was a boy, I tried to do oil paintings.
 For about 2 years, completely obsessed with the the profundity expressed in painting and simple questions about what "art" was,
 I made about more than 100 paintings, including oil paintings, sketches and so on.
 This wesite let you see some of them.

[About this website]

 Few years ago, I got interested in Artificial intelligence and started to study programming like Python, R, Ruby and so on.
 Through I was into how interesting the computer system is, I thought it would be great if there is a website where somebody can see my paintings.
 Of course the markup language like html or css is not "programming" language, but I felt this matches me in that I tend to be absorbed in one thing and like to do things others don't.
 As hoping to be an artist and a researcher, I think this website would be one small step for me but one giant leap for the future.
 I made these page by usign Bootstrap4(this is really an amazing tool you know). So you might be concern about some points about this website.
 If you have any advises, reviews or comments about paintings, website and so on, please feel free to contact me.

[About the backgroud image]

 I used the picture which I took the sketch in Hirado.

If you want to know why I set this picture as the background, more detail is below.

About "Temple and the Church Scenery"(寺院と教会の見える風景)

Scientist & Artist

 My dream is, as a medical researcher and an artist to achieve great innovative work which can make this world better.

 Recently researchers are facing severe competition to survive because the research fund has been decreased.

 Their works are evaluated by whether the research result effects the clinical field or how much money it can make. They are required to produce profitable results in a short time.

 But it is often said that the real study can be performed only for the strong interest and will.

 As this advise means, great person who could achieve "innovative" work always followed the instinct: just do what he really wanted to do and what nobody had done.

 This concept to believe what our hearts tells us is essentially same for being Artist in the point artists also place importance on their feeling, instinct interest and messege rather than thinking how profitable or practical it is.

 So I believe "art" is worth of learning, especially not only improving the drawing skill, but also thinking what the art is, learning modern art and refine the intuition.

 This is why I'm using a word: "Art and Medical student".