Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 77 (4), 307-310 (1998)

Endothelin Receptors in Testosterone-Induced Prostatic Hypertrophy in Rats

Lydie Auger-Pourmarin, Pierre Roubert and Pierre Etienne Chabrier

Institut Henri Beaufour, 5, Avenue du Canada, Z.A. de Courtaboeuf, 91966 Les Ulis Cedex, France

Abstract: Endothelin receptors were characterized in rat prostate and potential modification of these receptors was investigated in prostatic hypertrophy induced by testosterone. Both ETA and ETB endothelin receptor mRNA were detected in rat prostate, whereas binding experiments show the presence of only ETA receptors. Testosterone administration produced a 75% increase in prostate weight. Although the density of prostatic endothelin receptors was decreased from 348+/-75.0 fmol/mg protein in control rats to 252+/-39.9 fmol/mg protein in testosterone-treated animals, the total amount of receptors per prostate was unchanged. The steady-state level of ETA- and ETB-receptor mRNA was not altered by testosterone treatment. These results suggest that endothelin receptors are not affected in prostatic hypertrophy induced by testosterone.

Keywords: Prostate, Endothelin receptor, Testosterone

Copyrightę The Japanese Pharmacological Society 1998

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