Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 76 (1), 125-127 (1998)

Relationship Between Hippocampal Theta-Wave Frequency and Emotional Behaviors in Rabbits Produced With Stresses or Psychotropic Drugs

Jyunji Yamamoto

Pharmacology Section, Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, 224-2, Ebisuno, Hiraishi, Kawauchi-cho, Tokushima 771-01, Japan

Abstract: The hippocampal EEG power spectra of rabbits were analyzed to clarify the relationship between the theta-wave and emotionality. The relative power of T2 (6.0 - 7.9 Hz) / T1 (4.0 - 5.9 Hz) represented the index of theta-wave change. Emotional excitement (produced with novelty stress or methamphetamine) or suppression (produced with restraint stress or reserpine) increased or decreased T2/T1 ratios within around +/-1 Hz changes. Furthermore, the imaging patterns of the peak feature make possible detailed characterization of emotional states. These results suggest that the hippocampus finely adjusts the theta-wave on a +/-1 Hz level, with a fine balance of voltage, in response to the emotional activity.

Keywords: Hippocampal theta-wave, Emotional activity, Rabbit

Copyrightę The Japanese Pharmacological Society 1998

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