Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 71 (3), 263-264 (1996)

Effect of Probenecid and Ranitidine on Urinary Excretion of Lomefloxacin in Rats

Masato Sasaki and Akio Fujimura (*)

Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Jichi Medical School, Tochigi 329-04, Japan (*) To whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: To examine the renal tubular transport pathways of lomefloxacin, a new quinolone antibiotic, the agent was injected intravenously with or without pretreatment with probenecid, an organic anion, or ranitidine, an organic cation, in rats. Urinary excretion of lomefloxacin significantly decreased in the probenecid-treated animals. However, no significant decrease was observed in this parameter by pretreatment with ranitidine. These results suggest that lomefloxacin is mainly secreted in urine by the organic anion transport system, while the pathway mediated by the organic cation transport system is negligible.

Keywords: Lomefloxacin, Renal secretion, Drug interaction

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