Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 70 (3), 273-276 (1996)

Cooperation of ATP and Norepinephrine in Inducing Contraction in Guinea Pig Vas Deferens Is Not Associated with Change in Intracellular Ca2+ Level

Akikazu Fujita, Tadayoshi Takeuchi, Toshiaki Ishii, Hideaki Nishio and Fumiaki Hata

Department of Veterinary Pharmacology, College of Agriculture, Osaka Prefecture University, Sakai 593, Japan

Abstract: Contractile responses and fura-2 fluorescence signals were simultaneously recorded in fura-2 loaded longitudinal muscle strips of guinea pig vas deferens to examine the relationship between cooperation of ATP and norepinephrine (NE) in the contractile response and intracellular Ca2+ level. ATP or NE induced a rapid or delayed contraction, respectively, with concomitant changes in fura-2 signal. Addition of both agonists potentiated the rapid, but not delayed contraction, while there was no potentiation in the fura-2 signal. In another series of experiments, NE (>=10 microM) contracted the muscle without further concomitant increase in Ca2+ level, indicating ''Ca2+ sensitization'' of the contractile apparatus. These findings suggest that cooperation of ATP and NE in inducing a rapid contraction of guinea pig vas deferens is mainly due to the ''Ca2+ sensitization'' effect of NE.

Keywords: Cooperation of ATP and NE, Ca2+ sensitization, Vas deferens (guinea pig)

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