Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 69, 281-284 (1995)

Complementary Effects of Paeoniflorin and Glycyrrhizin on Intracellular Ca2+ Mobilization in the Nerve-Stimulated Skeletal Muscle of Mice

Katsuya Dezaki, Ikuko Kimura (*), Kayoko Miyahara and Masayasu Kimura

Departments of Chemical Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Sugitani 2630, Toyama 930-01, Japan
(*) To whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: Effects of paeoniflorin (PF) and glycyrrhizin (GLR), contained in paeony and licorice roots, respectively, on contractile and non-contractile Ca2+ mobilization were examined by measuring the Ca+-aequorin luminescence (Ca2+ transients) of the nerve-stimulated skeletal muscle of mice in the presence of neostigmine (0.3 microM). PF (0.1-1 mM) prolonged the duration of non-contractile Ca2+ transients, which may induce the desensitization of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, but did not affect contractile Ca2+ transients. GLR (0.3 -1 mM) depressed contractile Ca2+ transients without affecting non-contractile transients. These results suggest that PF and GLR may have complementary effects on intracellular Ca2+ mobilization to block the neuromuscular transmission.

Keywords: Paeoniflorin and glycyrrhizin, Calcium, Neuromuscular junction

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