Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 69, 173-176 (1995)

Metabolic effects of glibenclamide in isolated rat hepatocytes in the absence of extracellular Ca2+

Takahide Nomura, Masatsugu Ohtsuki, Toshiko Watanabe, Seiko Hasegawa, Shigeru Matsui, Akira Tomita, Chiho Sumi-Ichinose, Hiroko Nomura and Yasumichi Hagino

Department of Pharmacology, Fujita Health University of Medicine, 1-98 Dengakugakubo, Kutsukake-cho, Toyoake, Aichi 470-11, Japan

Abstract: We examined the metabolic effects of glibenclamide, a potent second-generation sulfonylurea, in isolated rat hepatocytes incubated in the absence of extracellular Ca2+. We first demonstrated in the present study that glibenclamide caused a significant increase in basal glucose release and lactate production without any modification of intracellular Ca2+ concentration or cAMP levels in isolated rat hepatocytes. Furthermore, glibenclamide inhibited the noradrenaline-induced increase in cAMP accumulation, while activation of glycogenolysis by noradrenaline was not suppressed by this agent. Our data indicate that glibenclamide exerts its metabolic effects independent of intracellular Ca2+ mobilization and cAMP accumulation.

Keywords: Glibenclamide, Cellular cAMP level, Intracellular Ca2+ concentration

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