Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 69, 37-41 (1995)

Anti-inflammatory effect of flurbiprofen tape applied percutaneously to rats with adjuvant-induced arthritis

Shinji Uchida, Takashi Morishita, Yutaka Ikeda and Toshihiro Akashi

Research Laboratory, Yutoku Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd., Kashima, Saga 849-13, Japan

Abstract: The anti-inflammatory effect of flurbiprofen tape (FP-T) by topical application was investigated, and the findings were compared with the results of oral administration of flurbiprofen to adjuvant arthritic rats. The topical application of FP-T significantly suppressed both applied and non-applied hind paw edema, with a potency similar to that seen with the oral administration of flurbiprofen. Body weight also increased with these treatments. Plasma levels of flurbiprofen differed little between topical application of FP-T and oral administration of flurbiprofen. Gastric damage induced by topical application of FP-T was significantly less than that seen in case of oral administration of flurbiprofen. These results suggest that the anti-inflammatory effects of FP-T cannot be entirely explained by flurbiprofen permeating inflamed tissue below the application site; rather, flurbiprofen penetrating into the systemic circulation may explain these actions.

Keywords: Anti-inflammatory, Tape, Flurbiprofen, Transdermal penetration

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