Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 84 (4), 467-469 (2000)

The Effects of Melatonin in Glutamate-Induced Neurotoxicity of Rat Cerebellar Granular Cell Culture

AkŹahan Gepdiremen1,*, Selma Dčzenli2, Ahmet Hacimčftčoglu1, Dilek Bulucu1 and Halis Sčleyman1

Departments of 1Pharmacology and 2Medical Genetics, Atatčrk University, Medical Faculty, TR-25240 Erzurum, Turkey
*Corresponding author.╩╩FAX:+90-442-2349013

Abstract: In the present study, melatonin was tested in subsequent doses in glutamate induced neurotoxicity in cerebellar granular cell culture of rat pups. Glutamate at 10-7╩M was found to induce neuronal cell death. The dead cell score was 2.75╩▒╩0.7 in the control, while it was found to be 35.12╩▒╩1.8 in the glutamate-administered group (P<╩0.0001). Melatonin very potently blocked glutamate neurotoxicity at all doses tested, with 10-3╩M, the highest dose tested, being the most effective. Glutamate may exert a neuroprotective effect by blocking one or more steps of the oxidation cascade in neurons and this effect may be blocked by melatonin.

Keywords: Glutamate, Melatonin, Neuroprotection

Copyrightę The Japanese Pharmacological Society 2000

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