Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 84 (1), 86-88 (2000)

Effect of Intracerebroventricular Administration of Soybean Lecithin Transphosphatidylated Phosphatidylserine on Scopolamine-Induced
Amnesic Mice

Satoru Suzuki, Akito Kataoka* and Masayoshi Furushiro

Yakult Central Institute for Microbiological Research, 1796 Yaho, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-8650, Japan
*ĘTo whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: The effect of intracerebroventricularly administered soybean lecithin transphosphatidylated phosphatidylserine (SB-tPS) on memory impairment was evaluated by a passive avoidance task. SB-tPS significantly prolonged the step-through latency induced by scopolamine treatment as in our previous report where SB-tPS was orally administered. The same doses of soybean phosphatidylcholine were ineffective. This result indicates that SB-tPS can act on the brain without any peripheral modification.

Keywords: Phosphatidylserine, Intracerebroventricular administration, Scopolamine-induced amnesia

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