Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 83 (4), 359-361 (2000)

Expression of Cyclooxygenase mRNA in the Livers of Mice With Interferon-g Chronic Hepatitis

Toshihiro Okamoto1,3, Kenichi Yamamura2 and Okio Hino3,*

1Research╩Laboratories, Nippon Chemiphar Co., Ltd., Saitama 341-0005, Japan
2Institute╩of Molecular Embryology and Genetics, Kumamoto University School of Medicine, Kumamoto 862-0976, Japan
3Department╩of Experimental Pathology, Cancer Institute, Tokyo 170-8455, Japan
*To whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: Interferon-g (IFN-g) transgenic mice expressed the IFN-g gene in the liver and developed chronic hepatitis. The expression of cyclooxygenase (Cox)-1 and -2 mRNA were studied in the livers of these mice. A faint band of Cox-1 mRNA was observed in the livers of both normal and transgenic mice. Slight expression of Cox-2 mRNA was observed in the normal mouse liver, and this mRNA expression was induced in the transgenic mouse liver. The present results showed the induction of Cox-2 mRNA expression in the livers of transgenic mice with chronic hepatitis.

Keywords: Transgenic mouse, Cyclooxygenase, Liver

Copyrightę The Japanese Pharmacological Society 2000

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