Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 83 (3), 265-268 (2000)

Changes in Seizure Susceptibility to Local Anesthetics by Repeated Administration of Cocaine and Nomifensine but Not GBR12935: Possible Involvement of Noradrenergic System

Tomoyuki Sato, Shigeo Kitayama, Katsuya Morita, Tetsurou Ikeda and Toshihiro Dohi*

Department of Pharmacology, Hiroshima University School of Dentistry, Kasumi 1-2-3, Minami-ku, Hiroshima 734-8553, Japan
*ĘTo whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: We examined cross-sensitization of cocaine and synthetic local anesthetics to their seizure susceptibility after repeated administration. Seizure susceptibility of procaine and lidocaine increased after the end of two days of treatment with a subconvulsive dose of cocaine. Acute treatment with nomifensine but not GBR12935, a specific inhibitor of the dopamine transporter, facilitated lidocaine-induced convulsion. Furthermore, daily treatment with nomifensine for two days enhanced lidocaine-induced convulsion. These results suggest the possible involvement of the brain noradrenergic system in the changes in seizure susceptibility after repeated administration of some local anesthetics.

Keywords: Local anesthetic, Convulsion, Monoamine transporter

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