Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 82 (1), 74-77 (2000)

Characterization of Protease蠥ctivated Receptors
in Rat Peritoneal Mast Cells

Hiroyuki Nishikawa1, Atsufumi Kawabata2,*, Ryotaro Kuroda2, Minoru Nishida1 and Kenzo Kawai1

1Research & Development Center, Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., 2󕿛1 Morinomiya, Jotoh衚u, Osaka 5368523, Japan
2Department of Pathophysiology & Therapeutics, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kinki University,
3󖓇 Kowakae, Higashi蠴saka 5778502, Japan
*To whom correspondence should be addressed.

Abstract: Activation of protease衋ctivated receptor (PAR)1 or PAR2 elicits inflammation most probably via mast cell degranulation in vivo. The present study aimed at characterizing PARs in rat peritoneal mast cells (PMC). Messenger RNA for PAR1, but not for PAR2, was detected in PMC. Thrombin, the PAR1 agonist SFLLR蠳H2 or the PAR2 agonist SLIGRL蠳H2 failed to induce histamine release from PMC. Surprisingly, the PAR2衖nactive control peptide LSIGRL蠳H2 triggered histamine release from PMC. Thus, PAR1, but not PAR2, are expressed in PMC, whereas neither PAR1 nor PAR2 are considered to be involved in degranulation of PMC. LSIGRL蠳H2 does not appear to be appropriate as a control peptide for PAR2 in inflammation studies.

Keywords: Protease衋ctivated receptor, Peritoneal mast cell (rat), Thrombin

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